John R. Pendel Pittsburgh, PA

Where: 20 minute cruise from the camp grounds area at Raystown Lake. (only been to the lake once -not sure if there’s more than 1 campground) Sighting It was approximately 9AM in the morning and a friend of mine invited me and my wife as well as his in-laws for a quick morning ride on the calm lake. It was a nice warm morning cruising around 20 knots. Me and my wife were on the stern of the boat, his wife and her parents were on the bow.
While my friend was navigating the boat, he turned around and were having an idle chat drinking coffee and about 20-25 minutes into our ride the three of us glanced off the port side of the boat and all at the same time seen ripples in the water, a long dark somewhat shiny black object that surfaced to the top of the water, then it seemed to spin and turn over and then submersed and disappeared. He immediately shut down the boat in amazement, the 3 of us asked each other, “did you see that?” His wife and her parents were asking what was a matter and we were speechless.
The size of the object was at least 10 to 12 feet long putting into perspective we were riding on a 19 foot open bow boat. The object was approximately 40 to 50 feet away. Never-the-less we finished our cruise and reported our findings to the rest of the group we were camping with and obviously no one believed us. To this day we still talk about what we saw and we still get harassed about the “fish story”. A friend of mine sent me this link today thus the reason for just reporting it now. Now we have proof to our doubting Thomas friends that others have seen what we seen that day.  John R. Pendel Pittsburgh, PA